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I see ripppedfuel in this, am I right?

*blushes* oh my






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I think my favourite part of the new SoA season is how proud Tig looks everytime Rat lays down some snark.

Apparently I am the fire version of Elsa from frozen today.

*pulls hair out*

*squishes headpool*

Im on the edge of quitting my job.

I am so grateful to some of the people in my life at the moment (well hopefully they are people who will remain in my life), but things have been tough and stressful. I pile pressure on myself to be certain things and to achieve certain things. Its a perfectionist bent to my personality. I also have been going through some stuff with dealing with people whom I dont want in my universe because I think they are toxic THey suck my soul and energy out with a straw and lead me down a path of migraines and anxiety. Its superfun.

But knowing that I have people in my world who are positive and beautiful and lovely, or who just want to be around and exist to me. Man, its a kind of driving power that keeps my head above water some days.

Ermergerd new nerdy plushies. FREAKING handmade HEADPOOL. I have the greatest friends. #headpool #deadpool #batman #robin #wonderwoman šŸ˜ŠšŸ’„šŸ’œ

Punching candles out and stuff #martialarts

Basically informed parentals that if I get one more abusive negative bullshit experience I’ll quit - and hearing that at least two of the people who you work with have said or thought of doing the same thing - you start to realize that it really isnt just you and it really is whatever the fuck is going on.

In other related news my mother and I might be looking around for places to set up shop.